Saudi Arabia
Ha'il Regional Airport

Ha'il Regional Airport

Located in the city of Hail in Saudi Arabia, the Hail International Airport (مطار حائل) is a leading air hub in the region. Serving both domestic and international travelers, the airport features a modern design, spacious terminals and plenty of amenities. With a convenient location and excellent flight connections, Hail International Airport is the perfect place to start your travels. There's something for everyone - whether you're a business traveler, a student, a tourist or a family, there's plenty of on-site services to make your journey comfortable. From free Wi-Fi to shopping, dining and entertainment options, the airport is well-equipped to meet the needs of passengers. In addition to the vast array of amenities, passengers can also benefit from the airport's friendly customer service. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, the staff will do their best to make your trip as smooth and stress-free as possible. Hail International Airport will ensure your journey is enjoyable and efficient.

Ha'il Regional Airport On The Map

Ha'il Regional Airport

مطار حائل (HAS) is located in Saudi Arabia which serves...

Ha'il Regional Airport

مطار حائل (HAS) is located in Saudi Arabia which serves the city Ha'il. Read everything about it before your flight.

Airport Details

Airport name: Ha'il Regional Airport

Airport local name: مطار حائل

City: Ha'il

Country: Saudi Arabia



Coordinates: Latitude: 27°26′16.8″N, Longitude: 41°40′55.2″E

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