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Río Cuarto
Las Higueras Airport

Las Higueras Airport

The Aeropuerto de Río Cuarto in Argentina is a fantastic airport full of history and modern amenities. The airport provides access to a variety of nearby destinations and is a great starting point for travelers. The staff is friendly and welcoming and the amenities are modern and efficient. The airport is well-lit and spacious, with a variety of shops and restaurants. There are plenty of options for those looking to explore the area, from sightseeing tours to restaurants and bars. Whether you're looking for a business or pleasure trip, Aeropuerto de Río Cuarto provides a great starting point for your journey. So don't hesitate and come stay at this great Argentine airport for an unforgettable experience!

Las Higueras Airport On The Map

Las Higueras Airport

Aeropuerto de Río Cuarto (RCU) is located in Argentina which...

Las Higueras Airport

Aeropuerto de Río Cuarto (RCU) is located in Argentina which serves the city Rio Cuarto. Read everything about it before...

Airport Details

Airport name: Las Higueras Airport

Airport local name: Aeropuerto de Río Cuarto

City: Rio Cuarto

Country: Argentina



Coordinates: Latitude: 33°5′34.8″S, Longitude: 64°16′8.4″W

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