Crotone Airport

Aeroporto Pitagora of Crotone, Italy is a bustling airport that serves the greater region. It was opened in 1963 and has since become a hub for both domestic and international travelers. This vibrant airport is a gateway to the country and provides a range of services, from car hire to jet fuel. It also has several restaurants, duty free shops and a shopping mall. The airport features state-of-the-art security, with friendly and helpful staff handling all check-ins quickly. Thanks to its convenient location and cutting-edge facilities, Aeroporto Pitagora is the ideal starting point for any Italian adventure. Whether you're jetting off for business or pleasure, you'll be guaranteed a smooth and stress-free experience. So, fly high with Aeroporto Pitagora and make the most of your Italian escape!

Crotone Airport On The Map

Crotone Airport

Aeroporto Pitagora di Crotone (CRV) is located in Italy which...

Crotone Airport

Aeroporto Pitagora di Crotone (CRV) is located in Italy which serves the city Crotone. Read everything about it before your...

Airport Details

Airport name: Crotone Airport

Airport local name: Aeroporto Pitagora di Crotone

City: Crotone

Country: Italy



Coordinates: Latitude: 38°59′49.2″N, Longitude: 17°4′48″E

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