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Mthatha Airport

Mthatha Airport

Mthatha Airport is an international airport located in South Africa. Situated in Eastern Cape province, the airport serves the town of Mthatha and its surrounding area. This airport is well-known for its modernized facilities, allowing both passengers and cargo to experience a stress-free journey. With a variety of shops, cafés and restaurants, travellers can enjoy a comfortable stay while waiting for their flight. Mthatha Airport is also renowned for its efficient security system and knowledgeable staff, ensuring a smooth and safe travel experience. Whether it be a quick business trip or a leisurely holiday, Mthatha Airport is the perfect starting point for your journey.

Mthatha Airport On The Map

Mthatha Airport

Mthatha Airport (UTT) is located in South Africa which serves...

Mthatha Airport

Mthatha Airport (UTT) is located in South Africa which serves the city Mthatha. Read everything about it before your flight.

Airport Details

Airport name: Mthatha Airport

Airport local name: Mthatha Airport

City: Mthatha

Country: South Africa



Coordinates: Latitude: 31°32′49.2″S, Longitude: 28°40′26.4″E

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