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Al Dhafra Air Base

Al Dhafra Air Base

The Al Dhafra Air Base, located in the United Arab Emirates, is a major air defense, reconnaissance and air operations base of the United Arab Emirates Air Force. Home to some of the region’s most advanced aircraft and personnel, Al Dhafra Air Base is a pivotal part of the UAE’s ability to respond to threats and maintain security across the region. With a total area of over 10,000 acres, Al Dhafra Air Base is one of the largest air bases in the region. It features three main runways, multiple hangars and numerous support facilities, making it the perfect destination for military and civilian aircraft alike. From air-to-air combat to supply and refueling missions, Al Dhafra Air Base is a critical asset in the fight against war and terrorism.

Al Dhafra Air Base On The Map

Al Dhafra Air Base

قاعدة الظفرة الجوية (DHF) is located in United Arab Emirates...

Al Dhafra Air Base

قاعدة الظفرة الجوية (DHF) is located in United Arab Emirates which serves the city . Read everything about it before...

Airport Details

Airport name: Al Dhafra Air Base

Airport local name: قاعدة الظفرة الجوية

Country: United Arab Emirates



Coordinates: Latitude: 24°14′20.4″N, Longitude: 54°32′60″E

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