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Kamembe Airport

Kamembe Airport

Kamembe Airport in Rwanda is a bustling hub of activity, providing a bridge between the continent’s beautiful landscape and the rest of the world. From its vibrant cityscape to the rolling hills of the countryside, the airport is situated perfectly to make it easy for travelers to explore the many sites and sounds the country has to offer. The Kamembe Airport is not only a great destination for exploring, but also a great place to start off your Rwandan adventure. With cutting-edge facilities and services, everything from checking in and out of the airport to passing through customs is made as seamless as possible. Whether you are a first time visitor or a seasoned traveler, the staff at Kamembe Airport will ensure you have a pleasant experience. So don’t wait, book your ticket today and make a journey to Kamembe Airport in Rwanda.

Kamembe Airport On The Map

Kamembe Airport

Kamembe Airport (KME) is located in Rwanda which serves the...

Kamembe Airport

Kamembe Airport (KME) is located in Rwanda which serves the city Kamembe. Read everything about it before your flight.

Airport Details

Airport name: Kamembe Airport

Airport local name: Kamembe Airport

City: Kamembe

Country: Rwanda



Coordinates: Latitude: 2°27′43.2″S, Longitude: 28°54′28.8″E

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