Saidu Sharif
Saidu Sharif Airport

Saidu Sharif Airport

Sialkot International Airport (سیدو شریف ہوائی اڈا) is a major gateway in Pakistan for both domestic and international travelers. Located in Sialkot, the airport offers a wide range of facilities and services, including passenger terminals, cargo terminals, private aviation services, and more. It also has an air traffic control tower and a state-of-the-art runway that makes it a favorite among pilots. The airport is well-connected with major cities in Pakistan and the Middle East, and recently has increased flights to Europe and the United States. Its vibrant atmosphere and friendly staff make Sialkot International Airport a pleasure to visit. People from around the world come to enjoy its bustling environment and the feeling of home away from home. It is truly a great way to start your travels!

Saidu Sharif Airport On The Map

Saidu Sharif Airport

سیدو شریف ہوائی اڈا (SDT) is located in Pakistan which...

Saidu Sharif Airport

سیدو شریف ہوائی اڈا (SDT) is located in Pakistan which serves the city Saidu Sharif. Read everything about it before...

Airport Details

Airport name: Saidu Sharif Airport

Airport local name: سیدو شریف ہوائی اڈا

City: Saidu Sharif

Country: Pakistan



Coordinates: Latitude: 34°48′46.8″N, Longitude: 72°21′10.8″E

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