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Aeropuerto La Managua

Aeropuerto La Managua

Aeropuerto La Managua is Costa Rica's premier airport and is the gateway to this beautiful country. Located in the north-east of the country, it offers travelers an efficient and convenient way to explore the sights and sounds of this tropical paradise. The airport itself is modern and well-maintained, featuring an array of amenities to make your travel experience as stress-free as possible. There's a range of restaurants, shops, and duty-free outlets, as well as free Wi-Fi. This is complemented by a friendly and helpful staff offering excellent customer service. The airport is also well-connected to the rest of Costa Rica, with regular domestic and international flights. There's also a shuttle bus to San Jose, the nation's capital, running every 30 minutes. For those who are looking to explore more of Costa Rica, Aeropuerto La Managua provides a perfect starting point. With its friendly atmosphere and modern facilities, it really is the perfect way to get your Costa Rican adventure off to a great start.

Aeropuerto La Managua On The Map

Aeropuerto La Managua

Aeropuerto La Managua (XQP) is located in Costa Rica which...

Aeropuerto La Managua

Aeropuerto La Managua (XQP) is located in Costa Rica which serves the city Quepos. Read everything about it before your...

Airport Details

Airport name: Aeropuerto La Managua

Airport local name: Aeropuerto La Managua

City: Quepos

Country: Costa Rica



Coordinates: Latitude: 9°26′38.4″N, Longitude: 84°7′48″W

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