Graz Stadt
Graz Airport

Graz Airport

Flughafen Graz, located in the beautiful country of Austria, is a modern airport with a rich history. From its humble beginnings in 1911, the airport has grown to become an important international hub, connecting travelers from around the world to the bustling city of Graz and its surrounding areas. With its two terminals, it serves over two million passengers each year, offering flights to and from major European destinations such as Frankfurt, Vienna, and Zurich. From its on-site restaurants, shops, and amenities, to its efficient, friendly staff, Flughafen Graz is a great option for travelers looking for a convenient and comfortable experience. Whether you're heading off on a business trip or a family vacation, the airport provides a smooth and stress-free experience. From checking in and security, to finding your gate and grabbing a bite to eat, everything at Flughafen Graz will have you feeling relaxed and ready to go!

Graz Airport On The Map

Graz Airport

Flughafen Graz (GRZ) is located in Austria which serves the...

Graz Airport

Flughafen Graz (GRZ) is located in Austria which serves the city Graz (Feldkirchen bei Graz). Read everything about it before...

Airport Details

Airport name: Graz Airport

Airport local name: Flughafen Graz

City: Graz (Feldkirchen bei Graz)

Country: Austria



Coordinates: Latitude: 46°59′24″N, Longitude: 15°26′27.6″E

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