Assiut International Airport

Assiut International Airport

Aswan International Airport in Egypt is a bustling hub of activity, offering travelers a wealth of options for flights and services. Located in the heart of one of Egypt's most beautiful cities, the airport is easily accessible and well-equipped for all your needs. Whether you're looking for a quick international flight or want to explore the rich culture and heritage of the area, Aswan International Airport has something for everyone. With its wide selection of flight schedules, extensive duty-free shopping, and full-service restaurants, it's the perfect place to start your journey in Egypt. Plus, the airport staff are friendly and always happy to assist you with whatever you need. So come experience the best of Aswan and make your way to its International Airport. You won't regret it!

Assiut International Airport On The Map

Assiut International Airport

مطار أسيوط الدولى (ATZ) is located in Egypt which serves...

Assiut International Airport

مطار أسيوط الدولى (ATZ) is located in Egypt which serves the city Asyut. Read everything about it before your flight.

Airport Details

Airport name: Assiut International Airport

Airport local name: مطار أسيوط الدولى

City: Asyut

Country: Egypt



Coordinates: Latitude: 27°2′49.2″N, Longitude: 31°0′54″E

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