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Tobruk International Airport

Tobruk International Airport

Tabruq International Airport is the main airport serving the city of Tabruq in Libya. Situated just north of the city, it serves as an important gateway for both domestic and international travelers. With modern facilities and comfortable accommodations, the airport is quickly becoming a favorite of those who are looking for a convenient and smooth traveling experience. The airport offers a range of services for passengers, including check-in, baggage drop-off, car rental, and an array of dining options. It also offers a host of amenities, including comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and a wide variety of shopping options. For those looking for a more relaxed experience, there are plenty of lounges available where travelers can unwind and enjoy a refreshing drink. At Tabruq International Airport, travelers can look forward to a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. Its warm and friendly staff are always there to help and make sure that all travelers have a comfortable and safe journey. With its modern infrastructure and convenient services, Tabruq International Airport is the perfect destination for travelers looking to take off to new and exciting destinations.

Tobruk International Airport On The Map

Tobruk International Airport

مطار طبرق الدولي (TOB) is located in Libya which serves...

Tobruk International Airport

مطار طبرق الدولي (TOB) is located in Libya which serves the city Tobruk. Read everything about it before your flight.

Airport Details

Airport name: Tobruk International Airport

Airport local name: مطار طبرق الدولي

City: Tobruk

Country: Libya



Coordinates: Latitude: 31°51′32.4″N, Longitude: 23°54′36″E

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