Airports in and near Guarulhos, Brazil

Explore all airports near Guarulhos. Discover what is the closest airport to Guarulhos, if you plan a trip in the region. From airports with millions of passengers a year to small aerodromes, we have listed all of the on the map and on a list, in this guide.

Near Guarulhos, there are 2 international airports, 5 domestic airports.

Map Of Airports In And Around Guarulhos, Brazil

Airports near Guarulhos - (200 km / 124 miles radius)

17km from Guarulhos

The Aeroporto Internacional Governador André Franco Montoro in Brazil is a hub for air travel, bustling with activity 24/7. From...

Brazil - Guarulhos
95km from São Paulo

Aeroporto Internacional de Viracopos, located in Campinas, Brazil, is one of the biggest airports in the country. A hub for...

Brazil - São Paulo
34km from São Paulo

Aeroporto Campo de Marte is a bustling airport located in São Paulo, Brazil. It is a major hub for international...

Brazil - São Paulo
39km from São Paulo

Aeroporto de São Paulo/Congonhas - Deputado Freitas Nobre is one of Brazil's busiest airports, located in the bustling city of...

Brazil - São Paulo
47km from Santos

Base Aérea de Santos is one of Brazil's premier airports, situated in the heart of the city. It's a busy...

Brazil - Santos
50km from São José dos Campos

Aeroporto de São José dos Campos is one of the busiest airports in Brazil. Located in the city of São...

Brazil - São José dos Campos
123km from Ubatuba

Aeroporto de Ubatuba is a small airport located in Brazil, operated by DAESP.

Brazil - Ubatuba

FAQ about Airports in Guarulhos

How many international airports are in Guarulhos?

There are no international airports located in Guarulhos, but on a 200 km / 124 miles radius, there are 2 international airports in the proximity.

What is the closest airport to Guarulhos?

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Ubatuba(8 airports)
Arujá(7 airports)
São Sebastião(7 airports)
Campo Limpo(7 airports)
Matão(5 airports)
Bebedouro(6 airports)
Ibiúna(6 airports)
Lins(6 airports)
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Registro(7 airports)
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Monte Mor(7 airports)
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Itupeva(7 airports)
Olímpia(5 airports)
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Aguaí(7 airports)
Cravinhos(6 airports)
Bariri(7 airports)
Ibaté(6 airports)
Iperó(7 airports)
Rio das Pedras(7 airports)
Descalvado(6 airports)
Osvaldo Cruz(6 airports)
Cachoeira Paulista(7 airports)
Guararapes(6 airports)
Morro Agudo(5 airports)
Santa Fé do Sul(2 airports)
Barrinha(5 airports)
Biritiba-Mirim(8 airports)
Cândido Mota(5 airports)
Juquitiba(6 airports)
Iguape(7 airports)
Casa Branca(7 airports)
Igarapava(5 airports)
Rancharia(5 airports)
Piraju(5 airports)
Laranjal Paulista(7 airports)
Mirandópolis(5 airports)
Cajati(4 airports)
Serra Negra(7 airports)
Guararema(7 airports)
Pilar do Sul(5 airports)
Jarinu(7 airports)
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Pirapòzinho(5 airports)
Dois Córregos(6 airports)
Ilha Solteira(2 airports)
Itaí(3 airports)
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Tanabi(5 airports)
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Santa Gertrudes(7 airports)
Igaraçu do Tietê(6 airports)
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Cordeirópolis(7 airports)
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Cunha(7 airports)
Palmital(5 airports)
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Bastos(5 airports)
Santo Anastácio(5 airports)
Guará(5 airports)
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Miracatu(5 airports)
Araçariguama(7 airports)
Guapiaçu(5 airports)
Junqueirópolis(4 airports)
Pradópolis(6 airports)
Castilho(2 airports)
Itatinga(5 airports)
Regente Feijó(6 airports)
Capela do Alto(7 airports)
Pariquera-Açu(6 airports)
Juquiá(5 airports)
Paranapanema(4 airports)
Cerqueira César(4 airports)
Caconde(5 airports)
Engenheiro Coelho(7 airports)
Águas de Lindóia(7 airports)
Viradouro(5 airports)
Colina(5 airports)
Paraibuna(7 airports)
Itaberá(5 airports)
Guapiara(4 airports)
Jacupiranga(6 airports)
Nazaré Paulista(7 airports)
Ribeirão Branco(4 airports)
Conchas(7 airports)
Cesário Lange(7 airports)
Itirapina(7 airports)
Elias Fausto(7 airports)
Macatuba(6 airports)
Severínia(5 airports)
Guareí(6 airports)
Itariri(6 airports)
Potirendaba(5 airports)
Salesópolis(7 airports)
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Pindorama(5 airports)
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Eldorado(6 airports)
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Tupi Paulista(5 airports)
Itajobi(5 airports)
Auriflama(5 airports)
Ipauçu(5 airports)
Santa Branca(7 airports)
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Piquete(7 airports)
Ilhabela(6 airports)
Pacaembu(5 airports)
Maracaí(5 airports)
Quatá(6 airports)
Urupês(5 airports)
Itapuí(6 airports)
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Tapiratiba(5 airports)
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Areiópolis(6 airports)
Parapuã(5 airports)
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Estiva Gerbi(7 airports)
Pedro de Toledo(6 airports)
General Salgado(5 airports)
Bofete(7 airports)
Rincão(6 airports)
Guaraci(5 airports)
Bananal(6 airports)
Lavínia(5 airports)
Nova Europa(6 airports)
Roseira(7 airports)
Cajobi(5 airports)
Rinópolis(5 airports)
Uchoa(5 airports)
Vargem(7 airports)
Torrinha(6 airports)
Sarapuí(5 airports)
Manduri(5 airports)
Palmeira d’Oeste(3 airports)
Ouroeste(4 airports)
Igaratá(7 airports)
Ariranha(5 airports)
Porangaba(6 airports)
Herculândia(5 airports)
Salto Grande(5 airports)
Dumont(6 airports)
Terra Roxa(5 airports)
Urânia(3 airports)
Rafard(7 airports)
Neves Paulista(5 airports)
Dourado(6 airports)
Paulo de Faria(5 airports)
Bálsamo(5 airports)
Santa Lúcia(6 airports)
Reginópolis(5 airports)
Dobrada(5 airports)
Guaraçaí(5 airports)
Estrêla d’Oeste(4 airports)
Arealva(5 airports)
Ouro Verde(3 airports)
Guapuã(5 airports)
Pereiras(7 airports)
Irapuru(5 airports)
Águas da Prata(7 airports)
Tapiraí(6 airports)
Iepê(5 airports)
Macaubal(5 airports)
Icém(5 airports)
Clementina(5 airports)
Iaras(4 airports)
Saltinho(7 airports)
Itobi(7 airports)
Barra do Turvo(4 airports)
Irapuã(5 airports)
Bilac(5 airports)
Catiguá(5 airports)
Lindóia(7 airports)
Guatapará(6 airports)
Ibirarema(5 airports)
Nuporanga(5 airports)
Tarabaí(5 airports)
Lavrinhas(7 airports)
Paulicéia(2 airports)
Ipeúna(7 airports)
Gália(5 airports)
Guarantã(5 airports)
Nova Aliança(5 airports)
Tuiuti(7 airports)
Orindiúva(5 airports)
Iacri(5 airports)
Quintana(5 airports)
Arandu(5 airports)
Itirapuã(5 airports)
Paraíso(5 airports)
Echaporã(5 airports)
Anhembi(7 airports)
Taiaçu(5 airports)
Colômbia(5 airports)
Silveiras(7 airports)
Pardinho(7 airports)
Jambeiro(7 airports)
Taciba(5 airports)
Pedra Bela(7 airports)
Sales(5 airports)
Santa Albertina(2 airports)
Américo de Campos(5 airports)
Ubarana(5 airports)
Poloni(5 airports)
Fernando Prestes(5 airports)
Piacatu(5 airports)
Coroados(5 airports)
Três Fronteiras(3 airports)
Santa Ernestina(6 airports)
Guaimbê(5 airports)
Taiuva(5 airports)
Taquarivaí(4 airports)
Barra do Chapéu(5 airports)
Alambari(7 airports)
Caiuá(4 airports)
Sabino(5 airports)
Luisiânia(5 airports)
Aramina(5 airports)
Braúna(5 airports)
Marabá Paulista(5 airports)
Avaí(5 airports)
Salmourão(5 airports)
Guzolândia(5 airports)
Ipiguá(5 airports)
Pratânia(5 airports)