Airports in and near Livingstone, Zambia

Explore all airports near Livingstone. Discover what is the closest airport to Livingstone, if you plan a trip in the region. From airports with millions of passengers a year to small aerodromes, we have listed all of the on the map and on a list, in this guide.

Near Livingstone, there are 2 international airports, 2 domestic airports.

Map Of Airports In And Around Livingstone, Zambia

Airports near Livingstone - (200 km / 124 miles radius)

31km from Livingstone

The Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport of Zambia is an incredible feat of engineering. Strategically located for easy access to...

Zambia - Livingstone
12km from Matabeleland North

Victoria Falls International Airport is the gateway to Zimbabwe, located near the iconic Victoria Falls. This busy airport services both...

Zimbabwe - Matabeleland North
84km from Kasane

Kasane Airport, located in Botswana, is the largest airport in the country, boasting a wide range of domestic and international...

Botswana - Kasane
119km from Matabeleland North

Hwange National Park Airport in Zimbabwe is a great destination for travelers who love wildlife and adventure. Located just outside...

Zimbabwe - Matabeleland North

FAQ about Airports in Livingstone

How many international airports are in Livingstone?

There are no international airports located in Livingstone, but on a 200 km / 124 miles radius, there are 2 international airports in the proximity.

What is the closest airport to Livingstone?

The closest airport to Livingstone is Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport.

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