Airports in and near Chon Buri, Thailand

Explore all airports in and around Chon Buri. Discover what is the closest airport to Chon Buri, if you plan a trip in the region. From airports with millions of passengers a year to small aerodromes, we have listed all of the on the map and on a list, in this guide.

In and near Chon Buri, there are 3 international airports, 3 domestic airports, and 7 small airports of local interest.

Map Of Airports In And Around Chon Buri, Thailand

List of Airports in Chon Buri

Airports near Chon Buri - (200 km / 124 miles radius)

86km from Ban Chang

ท่าอากาศยาน นานาชาติอู่ตะเภา in Thailand is a bustling international airport. With its convenient location and modern amenities, it's a top destination...

Thailand - Ban Chang
59km from Samut Prakan

Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand is one of the busiest airports in Southeast Asia. Located about 30 km east of Bangkok,...

Thailand - Samut Prakan
82km from Bangkok Metropolis

Travelling to Thailand is made easy with Don Mueang Airport. Located in the northern part of Bangkok, this international airport...

Thailand - Bangkok Metropolis
161km from Phetchaburi

Thailand's Phuket Airport (ท่าอากาศยานหัวหิน) is a bustling hub of activity and a key gateway to exploring the region. With its...

Thailand - Phetchaburi
196km from Battambang

The airport in Battambang, Cambodia, is a modern and convenient hub for travelers. With a wide range of services, from...

Cambodia - Battambang
177km from Nakhon Ratchasima

Located in the center of Thailand, Nakhon Ratchasima Airport is an important gateway for both domestic and international travelers. Serving...

Thailand - Nakhon Ratchasima

FAQ about Airports in Chon Buri

How many international airports are in Chon Buri?

There are no international airports located in Chon Buri, but on a 200 km / 124 miles radius, there are 3 international airports in the proximity.

What is the closest airport to Chon Buri?

The closest airport to Chon Buri is UTP U-Tapao - Pattaya International airport.

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