Airports in and near Ližnjan, Croatia

Explore all airports in and around Ližnjan. Discover what is the closest airport to Ližnjan, if you plan a trip in the region. From airports with millions of passengers a year to small aerodromes, we have listed all of the on the map and on a list, in this guide.

In and near Ližnjan, there are 5 international airports, 3 domestic airports.

Map Of Airports In And Around Ližnjan, Croatia

List of Airports in Ližnjan

Airports near Ližnjan - (200 km / 124 miles radius)

113km from Omišalj

Zračna luka Rijeka is located in Croatia and is the main airport serving the city of Rijeka and the surrounding...

Croatia - Omišalj
85km from Monfalcone

Trieste Airport, located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy, is a bustling hub of international travel. Offering flights to cities across...

Italy - Monfalcone
207km from Zemunik Donji

Zračna luka Zadar (or Zadar Airport) is located in Croatia and is a popular destination for travelers. It offers a...

Croatia - Zemunik Donji
129km from Rimini

Aeroporto Internazionale Federico Fellini, located in Italy, is an international hub that serves as a gateway to the world. Not...

Italy - Rimini
51km from Izola

Letališče Portorož, also known as Aeroporto Portorose, is the main airport serving the Slovenian coastline. Located in the popular seaside...

Slovenia - Izola
136km from Aviano

Aviano Air Base, located in Area F of Italy, is one of the most important airports in Europe. Home to...

Italy - Aviano
161km from Forlì

Located in Forlì, Aeroporto Luigi Ridolfi is one of Italy's busiest airports. With hundreds of flights departing and arriving daily,...

Italy - Forlì

FAQ about Airports in Ližnjan

How many international airports are in Ližnjan?

There are no international airports located in Ližnjan, but on a 200 km / 124 miles radius, there are 4 international airports in the proximity.

What is the closest airport to Ližnjan?

The closest airport to Ližnjan is Rijeka Airport.

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