Airports in and near Isernia, Italy

Explore all airports in and around Isernia. Discover what is the closest airport to Isernia, if you plan a trip in the region. From airports with millions of passengers a year to small aerodromes, we have listed all of the on the map and on a list, in this guide.

In and near Isernia, there are 5 international airports, 2 domestic airports, and 1 small airports of local interest.

Map Of Airports In And Around Isernia, Italy

List of Airports in Isernia

Airports near Isernia - (200 km / 124 miles radius)

100km from Napoli

The Aeroporto di Napoli Capodichino airport in Italy is an exciting place to explore. Known for its bustling atmosphere, the...

Italy - Napoli
83km from Pescara

The Aeroporto internazionale d'Abruzzo Pasquale Liberi, located in the vibrant Italian city of Pescara, is an impressive airport bustling with...

Italy - Pescara
116km from Roma

Aeroporto di Roma-Ciampino is a major airport in Italy, situated just south of Rome. It's a bustling hub for both...

Italy - Roma
150km from Fiumicino

Welcome to Aeroporto di Roma-Fiumicino! Located in Italy, this is one of the busiest airports in Europe. With over 45...

Italy - Fiumicino
185km from Perugia

The Aeroporto Internazionale dell'Umbria - Perugia "San Francesco d'Assisi" is an international airport located in the Italian region of Umbria....

Italy - Perugia
181km from Foggia

Aeroporto di Foggia "Gino Lisa" is a major airport located in Foggia, Italy. It's a hub for domestic and international...

Italy - Foggia
160km from Pontecagnano Faiano

Aeroporto di Salerno - Costa d'Amalfi is a spectacular airport situated in the stunning region of Italy. Its modern design...

Italy - Pontecagnano Faiano

FAQ about Airports in Isernia

How many international airports are in Isernia?

There are no international airports located in Isernia, but on a 200 km / 124 miles radius, there are 5 international airports in the proximity.

What is the closest airport to Isernia?

The closest airport to Isernia is Naples International Airport.

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