Airports in and near Fet, Norway

Explore all airports in and around Fet. Discover what is the closest airport to Fet, if you plan a trip in the region. From airports with millions of passengers a year to small aerodromes, we have listed all of the on the map and on a list, in this guide.

In and near Fet, there are 2 international airports, 5 domestic airports.

Map Of Airports In And Around Fet, Norway

List of Airports in Fet

Airports near Fet - (200 km / 124 miles radius)

61km from Ullensaker

Oslo lufthavn, Gardermoen is a bustling international airport located in Norway. It's one of the busiest airports in the country,...

Norway - Ullensaker
88km from Stokke

Sandefjord lufthavn, Torp is an international airport located in Norway and is the country’s third-largest airport. It offers an array...

Norway - Stokke
32km from Moss

Rygge Flystasjon is a vibrant and bustling airport located in the heart of Norway. With its easy access to the...

Norway - Moss
204km from Torsby

Located in Sweden, Torsby Airport is a public airport that offers a range of flight services. With its vast runway...

Sweden - Torsby
182km from Notodden

Notodden flyplass is a regional airport located in the municipality of Notodden in Norway. With a modern arrivals lounge, a...

Norway - Notodden
152km from Skien

Skien lufthavn, Geiteryggen is Norway's premier airport located near the bustling city of Skien. It is one of the busiest...

Norway - Skien
230km from Karlstad

Karlstad Airport, located in Sweden, is the third busiest airport in the country. It offers daily flights to domestic destinations...

Sweden - Karlstad

FAQ about Airports in Fet

How many international airports are in Fet?

There are no international airports located in Fet, but on a 200 km / 124 miles radius, there are 2 international airports in the proximity.

What is the closest airport to Fet?

The closest airport to Fet is Oslo Airport, Gardermoen.

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