Airports in and near Hebei, China

Explore all airports in and around Hebei. Discover what is the closest airport to Hebei, if you plan a trip in the region. From airports with millions of passengers a year to small aerodromes, we have listed all of the on the map and on a list, in this guide.

In and near Hebei, there are 5 international airports, 6 domestic airports, and 17 small airports of local interest.

Map Of Airports In And Around Hebei, China

List of Airports in Hebei

Airports near Hebei - (200 km / 124 miles radius)

83km from Tianjin

Tianjin Binhai International Airport is the airport of choice for travelers from all over the world who want to experience...

China - Tianjin
148km from Beijing

Beijing Capital International Airport is the main international airport serving China’s capital city. Situated just 32 kilometers from the city...

China - Beijing
122km from Beijing

Beijing Nanyuan Airport is one of the busiest airports in China, connecting the capital city with domestic and international destinations....

China - Beijing
235km from Shandong

东营胜利机场 is a small airport located in China, operated by 东营胜利机场管理有限责任公司.

China - Shandong
309km from Hebei

Located in Handan, China, 邯郸机场 is a popular airport serving the city and its surrounding areas. With modern facilities and...

China - Hebei

FAQ about Airports in Hebei

How many international airports are in Hebei?

There are no international airports located in Hebei, but on a 200 km / 124 miles radius, there are 2 international airports in the proximity.

What is the closest airport to Hebei?

The closest airport to Hebei is Tianjin Binhai International Airport.

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Explore Airports in Hebei

Baoding(5 airports)
Shijiazhuang(4 airports)
Handan(3 airports)
Tangshan(6 airports)
Cangzhou(7 airports)
Xingtai(3 airports)
Hengshui(3 airports)
Langfang(4 airports)
Zhangjiakou(5 airports)
Chengde(5 airports)
Qinhuangdao(6 airports)
Dingzhou(3 airports)
Renqiu(5 airports)
Wu’an(3 airports)
Hejian(5 airports)
Zunhua(6 airports)
Qian’an(6 airports)
Sanhe(7 airports)
Gaobeidian(7 airports)
Xinji(2 airports)
Zhuozhou(6 airports)
Botou(5 airports)
Shenzhou(4 airports)
Luanzhou(7 airports)
Huanghua(6 airports)
Shahe(4 airports)
Nangong(3 airports)
Anguo(4 airports)
Yanjiao(7 airports)
Zhengding(3 airports)
Zhaozhou(3 airports)
Baigou(5 airports)
Jizhou(3 airports)
Gexianzhuang(3 airports)
Yongqing(5 airports)
Shacheng(4 airports)
Pingquan(5 airports)
Huolu(3 airports)
Daijiazhuang(3 airports)
Donggangli(7 airports)
Matoupu(3 airports)
Yihezhuang(5 airports)
Beidaying(5 airports)
Xingangli(5 airports)
Xiongzhou(5 airports)
Fengning(5 airports)
Yi Xian(6 airports)
Laiyuan(5 airports)
Julu(3 airports)
Leshou(5 airports)
Longhua(3 airports)
Luancheng(4 airports)
Wuyi(5 airports)
Kongjiazhuang(5 airports)
Funing(4 airports)
Daying(3 airports)
Xinglong(6 airports)
Tongye(3 airports)
Chaigoubu(4 airports)
Jingzhou(3 airports)
Zhuolu(5 airports)
Fanzhuang(2 airports)
Wanzhuang(5 airports)
Zanhuang(3 airports)
Guangping(3 airports)
Lingshou(3 airports)
Kangbao(2 airports)
Meihua(3 airports)
Lianzhuang(3 airports)
Zengcun(3 airports)
Sunshi(5 airports)
Gengzhuangqiao(2 airports)
Shicun(5 airports)
Cui’erzhuang(6 airports)
Wangguanzhuang(3 airports)
Songlindian(6 airports)
Huaishu(3 airports)
Xielu(3 airports)
Dayin(5 airports)
Zhangjiazhuang(3 airports)
Huaiyang(3 airports)
Douyu(3 airports)
Fangcun(3 airports)
Longwan(5 airports)
Jiuzhou(5 airports)
Zongshizhuang(2 airports)
Wofotang(5 airports)
Jiashizhuang(2 airports)
Donglizhuang(2 airports)
Pangkou(5 airports)
Jitaicun(4 airports)
Yehe(3 airports)
Qiutouzhen(3 airports)
Wangtan(4 airports)
Dongzhuosu(3 airports)
Fangguan(6 airports)
Shimenzhai(5 airports)
Xingji(8 airports)
Beiwanglizhen(3 airports)
Liuquan(6 airports)
Qingfengdian(3 airports)
Jiaohe(5 airports)
Nandazhang(3 airports)
Zhangcun(3 airports)
Shenjiatun(5 airports)
Dusheng(6 airports)
Litian Gezhuang(4 airports)
Xinleitou(3 airports)
Nanbaishezhen(3 airports)
Nanmeng(5 airports)
Gaolincun(6 airports)
Baichigan(6 airports)
Tiegan(3 airports)
Xinlizhuang(6 airports)
Weibo(3 airports)
Yangfang(5 airports)
Niutuo(5 airports)
Shijiazhuangnan(3 airports)
Sungandiancun(4 airports)
Xiwanzi(5 airports)
Monan(5 airports)
Xinqiao(6 airports)
Dajiecun(4 airports)
Wangsicun(5 airports)
Pingxiangcheng(2 airports)
Anzhou(5 airports)
Zuojiawu(6 airports)
Xindian(2 airports)
Yejituo(7 airports)
Zhaoqiao(4 airports)
Danihe(5 airports)
Tilingzhai(8 airports)
Douzhuang(6 airports)
Nanzhiqiu(2 airports)
Matou(6 airports)
Diaowo(6 airports)
Guying(3 airports)
Songcaozhen(3 airports)
Cishan(3 airports)
Yinchengpu(6 airports)
Xiadian(7 airports)
Shaliuhe(6 airports)
Huangzhuang(6 airports)
Beixinzhuang(5 airports)
Zangang(5 airports)
Dongxianpo(6 airports)
Jiming(6 airports)
Tongkou(5 airports)
Shahedian(3 airports)
Dongmaying(5 airports)
Yingshouyingzi(6 airports)
Xinzhaidian(3 airports)
Nanwucun(3 airports)
Nan’ao(3 airports)
Zhangguzhuang(3 airports)
Yangshuling(5 airports)
Matouying(3 airports)
Duzhuang(5 airports)
Dongwang(2 airports)
Qincun(5 airports)
Longtan(4 airports)
Xima(3 airports)
Haiyang(5 airports)
Longdian(5 airports)
Liqizhuang(7 airports)
Hancun(4 airports)
Lilancheng(4 airports)
Liushuquan(6 airports)
Dengjiazhuang(3 airports)
Maozhou(5 airports)
Wumayingcun(5 airports)
Malanguan(6 airports)
Dongxiaozhai(6 airports)
Tanglin(3 airports)
Hujiachi(5 airports)
Dazhuang(5 airports)
Nanxingguo(3 airports)
Qianmotou(3 airports)
Jiucangzhou(5 airports)
Gaoguzhuang(3 airports)
Zhucaoying(5 airports)
Lihuzhuang(6 airports)
Luofa(5 airports)
Yaojiafen(5 airports)
Zhoucun(3 airports)
Anping(6 airports)
Hanmayingcun(3 airports)
Zhaodianzi(7 airports)
Xihuangcun(3 airports)
Heishanzuicun(5 airports)
Tazishan(6 airports)
Mengjiacun(6 airports)
Yanggezhuang(4 airports)
Zhongguyue(2 airports)
Dazhangzi(7 airports)
Dacaozhuang(2 airports)
Fuying(7 airports)
Nanzuo(3 airports)
Xiaozhengzhuang(6 airports)
Xixucun(3 airports)
Xihuangni(2 airports)
Humayingcun(6 airports)
Sanpozhen(6 airports)
Wang’anzhen(5 airports)
Ping’anbao(6 airports)
Chaoyangdicun(3 airports)
Shanyincun(3 airports)
Bugugoucun(3 airports)
Ceyu(3 airports)
Xinbocun(2 airports)
Diao’ecun(5 airports)
Guantingzhan(5 airports)
Nanzhangcheng(3 airports)
Cangyanshanzhen(3 airports)
Jiaotanzhuang(2 airports)
Mengjiazhuang(2 airports)
Xibaipo(2 airports)