Airports in and near West Bengal, India

Explore all airports in and around West Bengal. Discover what is the closest airport to West Bengal, if you plan a trip in the region. From airports with millions of passengers a year to small aerodromes, we have listed all of the on the map and on a list, in this guide.

In and near West Bengal, there are 5 international airports, 5 domestic airports, and 12 small airports of local interest.

Map Of Airports In And Around West Bengal, India

List of Airports in West Bengal

Airports near West Bengal - (200 km / 124 miles radius)

125km from Jharkhand

Deoghar International Airport is a bustling hub of transport activity, situated right in the heart of the city. It's a...

India - Jharkhand
251km from Dhaka

The Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport of Bangladesh is a bustling hub of activity, connecting the people of the country with...

Bangladesh - Dhaka
302km from Gaya

Gaya International Airport, located in the state of Bihar, India, is an important hub for both domestic and international flights....

India - Gaya
79km from Rājshāhi

Shah Makhdum Airport, located in Bangladesh, is a bustling international hub that sees thousands of passengers passing through its doors...

Bangladesh - Rājshāhi
115km from Rajshahi

The Shahjalal International Airport of Bangladesh, commonly known as ঈশ্বরদী বিমানবন্দর, is an international airport located in the city of...

Bangladesh - Rajshahi
155km from Jessore

The যশোর বিমানবন্দর in Bangladesh is a major international hub for air travel. Located just outside of the city of...

Bangladesh - Jessore
150km from Dhanbād

Dhanbad Airport in India is a busy hub, offering travelers around the world a convenient gateway to the state of...

India - Dhanbād

FAQ about Airports in West Bengal

How many international airports are in West Bengal?

There are no international airports located in West Bengal, but on a 200 km / 124 miles radius, there are 3 international airports in the proximity.

What is the closest airport to West Bengal?

The closest airport to West Bengal is Deoghar International Airport.

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Kolkāta(4 airports)
Hāora(5 airports)
Durgāpur(8 airports)
Āsansol(8 airports)
Bhātpāra(6 airports)
Pānihāti(6 airports)
Kāmārhāti(6 airports)
Barddhamān(7 airports)
Bāli(4 airports)
Bārāsat(6 airports)
Shrīrāmpur(6 airports)
Uluberiya(3 airports)
Shiliguri(5 airports)
Naihāti(6 airports)
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Ingrāj Bāzār(8 airports)
Haldia(3 airports)
Baharampur(7 airports)
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Hugli(6 airports)
Rāiganj(7 airports)
Bārākpur(6 airports)
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Bālurghāt(5 airports)
Shāntipur(6 airports)
Hābra(6 airports)
Bānkura(6 airports)
Kānchrāpāra(6 airports)
Basīrhat(5 airports)
Navadwīp(5 airports)
Hālīsahar(6 airports)
Rishra(5 airports)
Baidyabāti(5 airports)
Puruliya(6 airports)
Darjeeling(5 airports)
Bānsbāria(6 airports)
Champdani(6 airports)
Khardah(6 airports)
Bangaon(7 airports)
Jalpāiguri(6 airports)
Kalyani(6 airports)
Bhadreswar(5 airports)
Dhuliān(6 airports)
Jangipur(6 airports)
Baj Baj(3 airports)
Siuri(7 airports)
Tamlūk(4 airports)
Bankra(4 airports)
Chakapara(4 airports)
Bāruipur(4 airports)
Gobārdānga(7 airports)
Diamond Harbour(3 airports)
Kānkuria(6 airports)
Pujali(3 airports)
Sānkrāil(4 airports)
Tarakeswar(6 airports)
Nibria(4 airports)
Kuli(6 airports)
Beldānga(7 airports)
Saranga(4 airports)
Jaynagar-Majilpur(2 airports)
Pānchla(3 airports)
Bāuria(3 airports)
Dumjor(4 airports)
Mahiari(4 airports)
Mayahaura(3 airports)
Mālancha(6 airports)
Raghudebbati(4 airports)
Nahāzāri(3 airports)
Giria(6 airports)
Baharu(3 airports)
Jagdispur(4 airports)
Ramnagar(4 airports)
Jaypul(6 airports)
Dogāchi(6 airports)
Janāi(5 airports)
Bāhāgalpur(6 airports)
Muragācha(6 airports)
Chandi(3 airports)
Saktipur(7 airports)
Bhabānipur(6 airports)
Begampur(4 airports)
Amtala(3 airports)
Kalinagar(3 airports)
Natshal(3 airports)
Chaital(4 airports)
Dhāmua(3 airports)
Multi(3 airports)
Chāndpur(3 airports)
Sāhāpur(3 airports)
Amgachia(3 airports)
Laskarpar(4 airports)
Nimpot(2 airports)
Hārua(6 airports)
Nāzira(3 airports)
Krishnapur(5 airports)
Nalpur(3 airports)
Mahadipur(6 airports)
Iarpur(3 airports)
Raspunji(3 airports)
Nijgaon Parānpur(7 airports)
Ballālpur(6 airports)
Pātra(3 airports)
Chāndnidaha(6 airports)
Nabagrām(4 airports)
Hilora(6 airports)
Imamnagar(6 airports)
Serpur(3 airports)
Dīgnagar(6 airports)
Palta(6 airports)
Beonta(5 airports)
Andharmanik(3 airports)
Balbalpāra(6 airports)
Bhandārdaha(4 airports)
Jājigrām(6 airports)
Alipur(3 airports)
Burul(3 airports)
Purbba Ramnagar(6 airports)
Bansabāti(6 airports)
Bodāi(6 airports)
Uttarbhag(4 airports)
Gācha(7 airports)
Gotra(4 airports)
Bāmanpukur(5 airports)
Padmarhā(3 airports)
Ramkrishnapur(3 airports)
Iswaripur(6 airports)
Nadābhānga(3 airports)
Bishnupur(3 airports)
Bhāsa(3 airports)
Bodra(5 airports)
Chākdaha(6 airports)
Contai(2 airports)
Garulia(6 airports)
Kātoya(7 airports)
Bolpur(7 airports)
Koch Bihār(5 airports)
Alīpur Duār(4 airports)
Jhārgrām(5 airports)
Pānskura(4 airports)
Rāmpur Hat(7 airports)
Kālna(5 airports)
Gangārāmpur(5 airports)
Kāndi(7 airports)
Islāmpur(5 airports)
Kāliyāganj(5 airports)
Badūria(6 airports)
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Murshidābād(7 airports)
Sainthia(7 airports)
Berubāri(6 airports)
Kārsiyāng(5 airports)
Nalhāti(7 airports)
Memāri(7 airports)
Kālimpong(6 airports)
Tāki(4 airports)
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Sitalkuchi(6 airports)
Dālkola(6 airports)
Dīnhāta(4 airports)
Guskhara(7 airports)
Balarāmpur(4 airports)
Debagrām(7 airports)
Pandua(5 airports)
Lālgola(7 airports)
Mārgrām(7 airports)
Maināguri(6 airports)
Egra(3 airports)
Garaimāri(7 airports)
Sonāmukhi(7 airports)
Panchānandapur(7 airports)
Gilarchāt(2 airports)
Raghunāthpur(5 airports)
Chandrakona(5 airports)
Bagulā(7 airports)
Singur(5 airports)
Tufānganj(5 airports)
Tehata(6 airports)
Umrāpur(6 airports)
Palāshi(7 airports)
Andāl(8 airports)
Nalua(2 airports)
Rāmjībanpur(5 airports)
Kākdwīp(2 airports)
Jhalidā(7 airports)
Srikhanda(7 airports)
Bādkulla(6 airports)
Bhagabānpur(6 airports)
Debīpur(8 airports)
Belākoba(6 airports)
Pānchgrām(7 airports)
Dighirpār(4 airports)
Bahutāl(6 airports)
Mahālandi(7 airports)
Gokarna(7 airports)
Bārnia(6 airports)
Khirpai(5 airports)
Mitrapur(6 airports)
Bhagwāngola(7 airports)
Sānātikri(2 airports)
Hariharpāra(7 airports)
Haldībāri(6 airports)
Dattapulia(7 airports)
Bāra(7 airports)
Madanpur(6 airports)
Odlābāri(6 airports)
Bhānukumāri(5 airports)
Barjora(7 airports)
Belpukur(2 airports)
Daulatnagar(7 airports)
Rājnagar(7 airports)
Sābang(4 airports)
Kumirimora(5 airports)
Champādānga(6 airports)
Ghorādal(2 airports)
Pātiram(5 airports)
Gopālnagar(5 airports)
Kankandighi(2 airports)
Cossimbāzār(7 airports)
Panjīpāra(7 airports)
Kumarkhāli(3 airports)
Domahani(7 airports)
Kharar(5 airports)
Kotra(6 airports)
Kesabpur(5 airports)
Nagar(7 airports)
Gopālpur(5 airports)
Mangalkot(7 airports)
Sonāda(5 airports)
Khargrām(7 airports)
Fakirtaki(4 airports)
Antardipa(6 airports)
Mirik(5 airports)
Lakhipur(5 airports)
Falimāri(5 airports)
Bālupur(7 airports)
Bara Belun(7 airports)
Ambhua(6 airports)
Rudra Nagar(6 airports)
Mayūreswar(7 airports)
Tālsur(6 airports)
Srikrishnapur(6 airports)
Rāmchandrapur(6 airports)
Bhagirathpur(8 airports)
Sonakhal(3 airports)
Pātrasāer(7 airports)
Galsi(7 airports)
Nalgora(2 airports)
Kasba(7 airports)
Chota Mollakhāli(3 airports)
Ganga Sāgar(1 airports)
Kamargani(5 airports)
Petua(4 airports)
Janāpul(6 airports)
Karīmpur(6 airports)
Daulatpur(6 airports)
Ketugrām(7 airports)
Gok(5 airports)
Pāikpāra(7 airports)
Khāsbalanda(5 airports)
Pāra(5 airports)
Samalpur(7 airports)
Dhāntola(5 airports)
Kanakpur(6 airports)
Datian(6 airports)
Manteswar(7 airports)
Tūlin(7 airports)
Sātgāchia(7 airports)
Bāsudebpur(2 airports)
Mālior(6 airports)
Chunakhali(3 airports)
Panchgara(5 airports)
Chilakhāna(4 airports)
Lakhya(3 airports)
Kalaīkunda(5 airports)
Ahmadpur(7 airports)
Barwān(7 airports)
Kāthia(6 airports)
Dunigrām(7 airports)
Dumargrām(6 airports)
Mashāt(5 airports)
Dattapāra(7 airports)
Jujhārpur(6 airports)
Kāliganj(7 airports)
Ayas(7 airports)
Bahira(3 airports)
Gorsa(6 airports)
Saktigarh(7 airports)
Nurpur(3 airports)
Bhāluka(7 airports)
Alipukur(3 airports)
Chaubaria(6 airports)
Kotālpur(7 airports)
Jigarhāti(7 airports)
Bhogālt(5 airports)
Hingalganj(4 airports)
Pānuria(7 airports)
Tālgāchhi(6 airports)
Jagatballabhpur(5 airports)
Jasāikāti(6 airports)
Bhagabatipur(5 airports)
Churulia(7 airports)
Gangājalghāti(7 airports)
Majlispur(5 airports)
Chandpur(3 airports)
Khājuri(2 airports)
Berghom(6 airports)
Jagannāthpur(7 airports)
Chandipur(2 airports)
Māliāra(7 airports)
Khandaghosh(7 airports)
Karatber(4 airports)
Dhanbela(6 airports)
Lakhanpur(6 airports)
Gopālganj(3 airports)
Bhāndārhāti(6 airports)
Berāberi(5 airports)
Mahishkuchi(5 airports)
Uchalon(7 airports)
Bhadrapur(7 airports)
Baruipāra(5 airports)
Barua Gopālpur(6 airports)
Bara Bakra(7 airports)
Dhalpāl(5 airports)
Dātura(6 airports)
Indrāni(7 airports)
Haripur(5 airports)
Bujang(7 airports)
Hātinda(6 airports)
Kirnāhar(7 airports)
Rādhāngar(5 airports)
Bāishāta(2 airports)
Nāmkhāna(2 airports)
Muglispur(6 airports)
Sheakhala(5 airports)
Chelyāma(5 airports)
Gura(7 airports)
Adwitnagar(6 airports)
Khātra(6 airports)
Belsur(6 airports)
Rānīganj(6 airports)
Krishnarānpur(2 airports)
Simlāpāl(6 airports)
Nigan(7 airports)
Pipa(5 airports)
Rājbāri(4 airports)
Pārākaram(7 airports)
Khanta(5 airports)
Polba(5 airports)
Sibkālinagar(2 airports)
Bāgdaha(7 airports)
Umarpur(6 airports)
Rāngaipur(6 airports)
Rāmapur(3 airports)
Rāmthenga(6 airports)
Dhola(2 airports)
Bharatgarh(3 airports)
Digambarpur(2 airports)
Bagchara(7 airports)
Mallārpur(7 airports)
Bagela(6 airports)
Khopākāti(6 airports)
Mohanpur(3 airports)
Sāsan(6 airports)
Madhura(7 airports)
Kantālia(6 airports)
Rimbik(5 airports)
Beliātor(7 airports)
Mandirtala(2 airports)
Tārāchua(7 airports)
Dariapur(6 airports)
Murarai(6 airports)
Karimnagar(3 airports)
Elangi(7 airports)
Palsa(6 airports)
Sidhar(6 airports)
Baswa(7 airports)
Digalgrām(7 airports)
Kandāran(7 airports)
Kāsimpur(6 airports)
Bānpur(7 airports)
Mahurāpur(6 airports)
Begunkudar(7 airports)
Gobindapur(7 airports)
Manoharpur(3 airports)
Ratua(7 airports)
Nātabāri Hāt(4 airports)
Bheliān(7 airports)
Nizāmpur(5 airports)
Khulna(3 airports)
Kariāli(6 airports)
Nārathali(5 airports)
Bāndhkhola(7 airports)
Phulbāri(2 airports)
Harispur(6 airports)
Sathaur(5 airports)
Jejur(5 airports)
Jhikra(4 airports)
Mehegrām(7 airports)
Khedra(6 airports)
Onda(6 airports)
Muratpur(6 airports)
Chopra(5 airports)
Tālgrām(6 airports)
Bhāstāra(6 airports)
Nandīgrām(3 airports)
Bajargaon(5 airports)
Bisor(7 airports)
Sārenga(6 airports)
Kochara(5 airports)
Khata(5 airports)
Nirman(7 airports)
Rādhānagar(2 airports)
Bhulki(5 airports)
Tārāpur(7 airports)
Hātgācha(7 airports)
Birajnagar(3 airports)
Lābpur(7 airports)
Benior(7 airports)
Chūrākuti(5 airports)
Pānāgarh(8 airports)
Majiyara(7 airports)
Goyamara(2 airports)
Budhakhāli(2 airports)
Jāldhoa(5 airports)
Sabakpur(7 airports)
Barabāri(3 airports)
Mejia(7 airports)
Rāyna(7 airports)
Harirāmpur(6 airports)
Lakshmisāgar(6 airports)
Punchā(6 airports)
Kumārgrām(5 airports)
Basudha(7 airports)
Burda(7 airports)
Gosāba(3 airports)
Gorubathān(6 airports)
Thode(6 airports)