Airports in and near Minas Gerais, Brazil

Explore all airports in and around Minas Gerais. Discover what is the closest airport to Minas Gerais, if you plan a trip in the region. From airports with millions of passengers a year to small aerodromes, we have listed all of the on the map and on a list, in this guide.

In and near Minas Gerais, there are 5 international airports, 13 domestic airports, and 78 small airports of local interest.

Map Of Airports In And Around Minas Gerais, Brazil

List of Airports in Minas Gerais

Airports near Minas Gerais - (200 km / 124 miles radius)

340km from Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro's RIOgaleão - Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim is one of Brazil's most popular airports. Located a few miles...

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
504km from Brasília

Aeroporto Internacional de Brasília - Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, more commonly known simply as Brasília International Airport, is located in the...

Brazil - Brasília
310km from São Paulo

Aeroporto Internacional de Viracopos, located in Campinas, Brazil, is one of the biggest airports in the country. A hub for...

Brazil - São Paulo
323km from Guarulhos

The Aeroporto Internacional Governador André Franco Montoro in Brazil is a hub for air travel, bustling with activity 24/7. From...

Brazil - Guarulhos
126km from Varginha

Aeroporto de Varginha Major Brigadeiro Trompowsky is an airport located in the Brazilian city of Varginha. It's the perfect spot...

Brazil - Varginha
320km from Ipatinga

Aeroporto Regional do Vale do Aço is a bustling hub of activity in Brazil. Located in the lush Aço Valley,...

Brazil - Ipatinga
402km from Montes Claros

Aeroporto de Montes Claros – Mário Ribeiro is one of the most important airports in Brazil. Located in the northeastern...

Brazil - Montes Claros
247km from Uberaba

Aeroporto de Uberaba - Mário de Almeida Franco is an airport located in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. It's...

Brazil - Uberaba

FAQ about Airports in Minas Gerais

How many international airports are in Minas Gerais?

There are no international airports located in Minas Gerais, but on a 200 km / 124 miles radius, there are 4 international airports in the proximity.

What is the closest airport to Minas Gerais?

The closest airport to Minas Gerais is RIOgaleão - Tom Jobim International Airport.

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Explore Airports in Minas Gerais

Belo Horizonte(5 airports)
Abaeté(2 airports)
Contagem(4 airports)
Uberlândia(3 airports)
Juiz de Fora(7 airports)
Betim(3 airports)
Montes Claros(1 airports)
Uberaba(5 airports)
Ipatinga(3 airports)
Sete Lagoas(3 airports)
Divinópolis(4 airports)
Ibirité(5 airports)
Poços de Caldas(8 airports)
Patos de Minas(2 airports)
Teófilo Otoni(1 airports)
Pouso Alegre(8 airports)
Sabará(4 airports)
Barbacena(8 airports)
Varginha(4 airports)
Araguari(2 airports)
Ubá(8 airports)
Itabira(3 airports)
Passos(6 airports)
Vespasiano(3 airports)
Coronel Fabriciano(3 airports)
Araxá(4 airports)
Muriaé(6 airports)
Pompeu(3 airports)
Lagamar(1 airports)
Ituiutaba(3 airports)
Itaúna(3 airports)
Lavras(6 airports)
Itajubá(8 airports)
São João del Rei(6 airports)
Nova Lima(4 airports)
Caratinga(4 airports)
Paracatu(2 airports)
Pará de Minas(3 airports)
Patrocínio(3 airports)
Timóteo(3 airports)
Manhuaçu(4 airports)
Alfenas(6 airports)
Unaí(1 airports)
João Monlevade(4 airports)
Curvelo(3 airports)
Ouro Prêto(5 airports)
Nova Serrana(3 airports)
Três Corações(5 airports)
Cataguases(7 airports)
Janaúba(1 airports)
Januária(2 airports)
Formiga(4 airports)
Esmeraldas(3 airports)
Lagoa Santa(3 airports)
Pedro Leopoldo(3 airports)
Ponte Nova(5 airports)
Três Pontas(4 airports)
São Francisco(1 airports)
Frutal(6 airports)
Pirapora(2 airports)
Leopoldina(7 airports)
Campo Belo(5 airports)
Guaxupé(6 airports)
Congonhas(5 airports)
Diamantina(5 airports)
Bocaiúva(2 airports)
Lagoa da Prata(4 airports)
Monte Carmelo(2 airports)
Itabirito(5 airports)
São Lourenço(6 airports)
Almenara(3 airports)
Caeté(4 airports)
Nanuque(2 airports)
Andradas(7 airports)
Arcos(3 airports)
Oliveira(5 airports)
Salinas(1 airports)
Boa Esperança(3 airports)
Porteirinha(1 airports)
Araçuaí(2 airports)
Várzea da Palma(1 airports)
Além Paraíba(7 airports)
Ouro Branco(5 airports)
Igarapé(3 airports)
Capelinha(3 airports)
Iturama(5 airports)
Matozinhos(3 airports)
Brumadinho(4 airports)
Carangola(6 airports)
Itamarandiba(2 airports)
Piuí(2 airports)
Ouro Fino(7 airports)
Guanhães(3 airports)
Brasília de Minas(1 airports)
Espinosa(1 airports)
Taiobeiras(2 airports)
Minas Novas(1 airports)
Rio Pardo de Minas(1 airports)
Extrema(7 airports)
Barão de Cocais(4 airports)
Mateus Leme(2 airports)
Santa Bárbara(4 airports)
Campos Gerais(3 airports)
Coromandel(2 airports)
Mantena(2 airports)
Buritizeiro(1 airports)
Nepomuceno(3 airports)
Cambuí(7 airports)
Coração de Jesus(1 airports)
Cláudio(3 airports)
Prata(4 airports)
Pitangui(2 airports)
Elói Mendes(4 airports)
Aimorés(2 airports)
Francisco Sá(1 airports)
Tupaciguara(2 airports)
Inhapim(3 airports)
Sacramento(4 airports)
Raul Soares(4 airports)
Corinto(3 airports)
Belo Oriente(3 airports)
Carandaí(5 airports)
Ibiá(2 airports)
Espera Feliz(6 airports)
Itambacuri(1 airports)
Bambuí(2 airports)
Buritis(1 airports)
Paraopeba(2 airports)
Juatuba(2 airports)
Conselheiro Pena(2 airports)
Caxambu(7 airports)
Manhumirim(4 airports)
Itapecerica(3 airports)
Monte Sião(7 airports)
Camanducaia(7 airports)
Sêrro(3 airports)
Campestre(7 airports)
Muzambinho(5 airports)
Carmo do Rio Claro(3 airports)
Paraguaçu(5 airports)
Perdões(6 airports)
Carmo do Cajuru(3 airports)
Barroso(6 airports)
Alpinópolis(3 airports)
Simonésia(4 airports)
Vazante(1 airports)
Lajinha(3 airports)
Lambari(7 airports)
Paraisópolis(7 airports)
Campina Verde(4 airports)
Águas Formosas(1 airports)
Varzelândia(1 airports)
Ipaba(3 airports)
Guaranésia(5 airports)
Carlos Chagas(1 airports)
Malacacheta(1 airports)
Manga(1 airports)
Ipanema(2 airports)
Santa Vitória(1 airports)
Turmalina(1 airports)
Ervália(6 airports)
Arinos(1 airports)
Itacarambi(1 airports)
Matipó(6 airports)
Nova Era(4 airports)
Luz(3 airports)
Cássia(6 airports)
Peçanha(2 airports)
Bom Sucesso(5 airports)
Piranga(5 airports)
Lagoa Formosa(2 airports)
Rio Pomba(7 airports)
Borda da Mata(7 airports)
Jaboticatubas(3 airports)
Resplendor(2 airports)
Montalvânia(1 airports)
Poço Fundo(6 airports)
Poté(1 airports)
Passa Quatro(7 airports)
Campanha(5 airports)
Sabinópolis(3 airports)
Nova Resende(4 airports)
Raposos(4 airports)
Capinópolis(1 airports)
Alvinópolis(5 airports)
Itaú de Minas(5 airports)
Grão Mogol(1 airports)
Botelhos(7 airports)
Areado(4 airports)
Bom Jesus do Galho(3 airports)
Bicas(7 airports)
Cruzília(6 airports)
Água Boa(1 airports)
Alterosa(3 airports)
Brazópolis(7 airports)
Tarumirim(1 airports)
Itanhandu(6 airports)
Campos Altos(1 airports)
Capitão Enéas(1 airports)
Papagaios(2 airports)
Rio Piracicaba(4 airports)
Felixlândia(2 airports)
Maria da Fé(7 airports)
Astolfo Dutra(7 airports)
Itamonte(8 airports)
Guapé(3 airports)
Cabo Verde(6 airports)
Miraí(7 airports)
Carmo de Minas(5 airports)
Itapagipe(5 airports)
Caldas(7 airports)
Virgem da Lapa(1 airports)
Mario Campos(4 airports)
Matias Barbosa(7 airports)
Rio Casca(5 airports)
Abre Campo(6 airports)
Dores do Indaiá(2 airports)
Monte Belo(4 airports)
Mirabela(1 airports)
Mar de Espanha(7 airports)
Nova Ponte(3 airports)
Rio Vermelho(4 airports)
Cambuquira(6 airports)
Martinho Campos(2 airports)
Mato Verde(1 airports)
Itaguara(5 airports)
Jequeri(6 airports)
Lagoa Dourada(5 airports)
Andrelândia(6 airports)
Ibiraci(5 airports)
Jacinto(2 airports)
Ubaporanga(3 airports)
Rio Paranaíba(2 airports)
Berilo(1 airports)
Itanhomi(1 airports)
Carmo da Cachoeira(4 airports)
Missões(1 airports)
Ubaí(1 airports)
Gouvêa(4 airports)
Ilicínia(2 airports)
Campo do Meio(4 airports)
Antônio Carlos(7 airports)
Teixeiras(6 airports)
Canápolis(2 airports)
Santa Juliana(3 airports)
Cristais(3 airports)
Cachoeira de Minas(7 airports)
Carmo da Mata(3 airports)
Resende Costa(5 airports)
Bueno Brandão(7 airports)
Estiva(7 airports)
Alto Rio Doce(6 airports)
Piraúba(6 airports)
São Tiago(5 airports)
Eugenópolis(5 airports)
Serra do Salitre(2 airports)
Arceburgo(6 airports)
Congonhal(7 airports)
Virginópolis(3 airports)
Bom Repouso(7 airports)
Pôrto Firme(5 airports)
Pirapetinga(7 airports)
Planura(5 airports)
Mercês(6 airports)
Fervedouro(5 airports)
Iapu(3 airports)
Recreio(7 airports)
Jordânia(2 airports)
Engenheiro Caldas(1 airports)
São Geraldo(6 airports)
Urucânia(5 airports)
Buenópolis(2 airports)
Centralina(2 airports)
Miradouro(5 airports)
Caetanópolis(2 airports)
São Romão(1 airports)
Francisco Badaró(1 airports)
Itamogi(5 airports)
Matias Cardoso(1 airports)
Itatiaiuçu(4 airports)
Coroaci(1 airports)
Rubim(2 airports)
Ferros(3 airports)
Prudente de Morais(3 airports)
Ipuiúna(7 airports)
Açucena(3 airports)
Dores de Campos(5 airports)
Igaratinga(3 airports)
Paula Cândido(6 airports)
Antônio Dias(3 airports)
Juruaia(4 airports)
Coqueiral(3 airports)
Carbonita(2 airports)
Rio Acima(5 airports)
Coronel Murta(1 airports)
Caputira(5 airports)
Capim Branco(3 airports)
Frei Inocêncio(1 airports)
Araújos(3 airports)
Cordisburgo(4 airports)
Virgínia(8 airports)
Pratápolis(5 airports)
Araponga(6 airports)
Serra dos Aimorés(2 airports)
Lontra(1 airports)
Guiricema(5 airports)
Pocrane(2 airports)
Carneirinho(2 airports)
Capitólio(3 airports)
Monsenhor Paulo(5 airports)
Piranguinho(7 airports)
Passa Tempo(5 airports)
Jequitaí(1 airports)
Nazareno(6 airports)
Iguatama(3 airports)
Mata Verde(1 airports)
Tombos(6 airports)
Ibiaí(1 airports)
Baldim(3 airports)
Dionísio(4 airports)
Serrania(6 airports)
Belo Vale(6 airports)
Claro dos Poções(1 airports)
Jacuí(5 airports)
Durandé(3 airports)
Estrêla do Sul(2 airports)
Alpercata(1 airports)
Orizânia(5 airports)
Guimarânia(2 airports)
Senador Firmino(5 airports)
Martins Soares(4 airports)
Maravilhas(2 airports)
Sericita(6 airports)
Engenheiro Navarro(1 airports)
Coimbra(6 airports)
Santana da Vargem(3 airports)
Cônego Marinho(1 airports)
Guidoval(6 airports)
Tiradentes(5 airports)
Moema(3 airports)
Machacalis(2 airports)
Rodeiro(6 airports)
Galiléia(2 airports)
Inconfidentes(7 airports)
Capetinga(5 airports)
Limeira d’Oeste(3 airports)
Felizburgo(2 airports)
Campo Florido(5 airports)
Salto da Divisa(3 airports)
Bonfim(5 airports)
Delfinópolis(5 airports)
Central de Minas(2 airports)
Periquito(3 airports)
Araporã(3 airports)
Inimutaba(2 airports)
Pedra Bonita(6 airports)
Guia Lopes(4 airports)
Florestal(2 airports)
Reduto(4 airports)
Cipotânea(5 airports)
Guarda Mor(1 airports)
Palma(7 airports)
Conquista(4 airports)
Vargem Alegre(3 airports)
Lassance(1 airports)
Iraí de Minas(2 airports)
Laranjal(7 airports)
Cabeceira Grande(1 airports)
Luislândia(1 airports)
Naque(3 airports)
Mendes Pimentel(1 airports)
Careaçu(7 airports)
Tumiritinga(1 airports)
Botumirim(1 airports)
Luisburgo(4 airports)
Sapucaí-Mirim(7 airports)
Indianópolis(3 airports)
Confins(3 airports)
Crisólita(1 airports)
Silvianópolis(7 airports)
Itumirim(5 airports)
Munhoz(7 airports)
Dona Eusébia(7 airports)
Aiuruoca(6 airports)
Pai Pedro(1 airports)
Pouso Alto(6 airports)
Ijaci(6 airports)
Frei Gaspar(1 airports)
Padre Carvalho(1 airports)
Córrego Fundo(4 airports)
Itueta(2 airports)
Rubelita(1 airports)
Divisa Nova(6 airports)
Inhaúma(3 airports)
Cristália(1 airports)
Anta(2 airports)
Soledade de Minas(5 airports)
Chalé(3 airports)
Sardoá(2 airports)
Cana Verde(5 airports)
Gurinhatã(3 airports)
Mesquita(3 airports)
Veredinha(1 airports)
Sobrália(1 airports)
Bandeira do Sul(7 airports)
Rio Espera(5 airports)
Itaverava(5 airports)
Ibiracatu(1 airports)
Palmópolis(2 airports)
Virgolândia(1 airports)
Fruta de Leite(1 airports)
Rio Manso(5 airports)
Olhos d’Água(1 airports)
Senador Amaral(7 airports)
Caparaó(4 airports)
Piranguçu(7 airports)
Entre-Folhas(3 airports)
Datas(4 airports)
Dom Silvério(5 airports)
Jequitibá(3 airports)
Dores de Guanhães(3 airports)
Rio do Prado(2 airports)
Dom Cavati(2 airports)
Gameleiras(1 airports)
Volta Grande(7 airports)
Jampruca(1 airports)
Cristiano Otoni(5 airports)
Liberdade(6 airports)
Barra Longa(5 airports)
Bocaina de Minas(6 airports)
Ibertioga(7 airports)