Airports in and near Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Explore all airports in and around Rio Grande do Sul. Discover what is the closest airport to Rio Grande do Sul, if you plan a trip in the region. From airports with millions of passengers a year to small aerodromes, we have listed all of the on the map and on a list, in this guide.

In and near Rio Grande do Sul, there are 9 international airports, 32 domestic airports, and 117 small airports of local interest.

Map Of Airports In And Around Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

List of Airports in Rio Grande do Sul

Airports near Rio Grande do Sul - (200 km / 124 miles radius)

62km from Bagé

The Aeroporto Internacional Comandante Gustavo Kraemer is Brazil's premier international airport. Located near the beautiful city of Porto Alegre, travelers...

Brazil - Bagé
164km from Pelotas

The Aeroporto Internacional João Simões Lopes Neto, located in Brazil, is one of the largest and busiest airports in South...

Brazil - Pelotas
174km from Rivera

Aeropuerto Internacional de Rivera "Pte. Gral. Oscar D. Gestido" is the largest and busiest airport in Uruguay. Located in the...

Uruguay - Rivera
272km from Porto Alegre

The Aeroporto Internacional de Porto Alegre in Brazil is one of the most bustling places in the city. Located just...

Brazil - Porto Alegre
152km from Melo

Aeropuerto Internacional de Melo is the main international airport of Uruguay, located in the town of Melo. The airport is...

Uruguay - Melo
179km from Santa Cruz do Sul

Aeroporto de Santa Cruz do Sul is a vibrant airport located in the south of Brazil. It serves as a...

Brazil - Santa Cruz do Sul
133km from Rosário do Sul

Aeroporto de Rosário do Sul is a small yet bustling airport in the south of Brazil. It offers direct flights...

Brazil - Rosário do Sul
155km from Rio Grande do Sul

Aeroporto de Cacequi is a bustling airport located in the heart of Brazil. It's the perfect spot to start your...

Brazil - Rio Grande do Sul
91km from Rio Grande do Sul

Located in the heart of the city, Roso Airport is the ideal gateway for travelers to explore the wonders of...

Brazil - Rio Grande do Sul

FAQ about Airports in Rio Grande do Sul

How many international airports are in Rio Grande do Sul?

There are no international airports located in Rio Grande do Sul, but on a 200 km / 124 miles radius, there are 5 international airports in the proximity.

What is the closest airport to Rio Grande do Sul?

The closest airport to Rio Grande do Sul is Comandante Gustavo Kraemer International Airport.

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Explore Airports in Rio Grande do Sul

Porto Alegre(7 airports)
Caxias do Sul(7 airports)
Pelotas(8 airports)
Canoas(7 airports)
Gravataí(6 airports)
Santa Maria(6 airports)
Novo Hamburgo(8 airports)
Viamão(6 airports)
São Leopoldo(6 airports)
Alvorada(6 airports)
Rio Grande(6 airports)
Passo Fundo(6 airports)
Uruguaiana(7 airports)
Cachoeirinha(6 airports)
Santa Cruz do Sul(7 airports)
Bagé(11 airports)
Bento Gonçalves(7 airports)
Esteio(6 airports)
Erechim(6 airports)
Guaíba(7 airports)
Cachoeira do Sul(9 airports)
Ijuí(6 airports)
Santo Ângelo(7 airports)
Sapiranga(7 airports)
Alegrete(11 airports)
Lajeado(7 airports)
Santa Rosa(7 airports)
Venâncio Aires(6 airports)
Farroupilha(6 airports)
São Borja(10 airports)
Cruz Alta(7 airports)
Camaquã(8 airports)
Vacaria(6 airports)
Campo Bom(6 airports)
São Gabriel(8 airports)
Montenegro(7 airports)
Caràzinho(6 airports)
Taquara(6 airports)
Canguçu(8 airports)
Parobé(6 airports)
Santiago(6 airports)
Estância Velha(6 airports)
Capão da Canoa(7 airports)
Tramandaí(6 airports)
Osório(7 airports)
Santo Antônio(6 airports)
Canela(8 airports)
Rosário do Sul(9 airports)
Dom Pedrito(10 airports)
Panambi(6 airports)
Rio Pardo(8 airports)
Itaqui(9 airports)
Marau(6 airports)
Charqueadas(7 airports)
Tôrres(7 airports)
Caçapava do Sul(9 airports)
São Luís Gonzaga(7 airports)
Gramado(6 airports)
Igrejinha(6 airports)
Portão(6 airports)
Garibaldi(7 airports)
Estrêla(6 airports)
Candelária(6 airports)
Dois Irmãos(6 airports)
Jaguarão(8 airports)
Lagoa Vermelha(5 airports)
Teutônia(7 airports)
Flores da Cunha(7 airports)
Taquari(6 airports)
Carlos Barbosa(6 airports)
Capão do Leão(10 airports)
Três Coroas(6 airports)
Três Passos(6 airports)
Três de Maio(6 airports)
São Sepé(8 airports)
Nova Prata(7 airports)
Veranópolis(7 airports)
Quaraí(9 airports)
Tupanciretã(6 airports)
São Jerônimo(6 airports)
Sarandi(6 airports)
Encantado(6 airports)
Butiá(7 airports)
Ivoti(6 airports)
São Marcos(6 airports)
Piratini(7 airports)
Rolante(6 airports)
Ibirubá(6 airports)
Horizontina(7 airports)
Nova Petrópolis(6 airports)
Arroio do Meio(6 airports)
Arroio Grande(8 airports)
Tapes(8 airports)
Agudo(5 airports)
São Pedro do Sul(7 airports)
Getúlio Vargas(6 airports)
Não-Me-Toque(5 airports)
Giruá(6 airports)
Restinga Sêca(7 airports)
Sananduva(5 airports)
Espumoso(6 airports)
Dom Feliciano(7 airports)
Serafina Corêa(6 airports)
Arroio dos Ratos(7 airports)
Santo Augusto(5 airports)
Tenente Portela(6 airports)
Crissiumal(7 airports)
Cêrro Largo(7 airports)
Antônio Prado(6 airports)
Arroio do Tigre(5 airports)
Cidreira(6 airports)
Barra do Ribeiro(7 airports)
Feliz(7 airports)
Cacequi(8 airports)
Pinheiro Machado(7 airports)
Mostardas(5 airports)
Nonoai(5 airports)
Bom Princípio(6 airports)
Capela de Santana(6 airports)
Bom Retiro do Sul(6 airports)
Barros Cassal(6 airports)
Palmares do Sul(6 airports)
Jaguari(6 airports)
Seberi(5 airports)
Roca Sales(6 airports)
Cêrro Grande(7 airports)
Àrvorezinha(6 airports)
Fontoura Xavier(6 airports)
Três Cachoeiras(7 airports)
Ronda Alta(5 airports)
Pôrto Xavier(6 airports)
Redentora(5 airports)
Sinimbu(6 airports)
Terra de Areia(7 airports)
Constantina(5 airports)
Pântano Grande(9 airports)
Nova Bassano(6 airports)
Candiota(10 airports)
Catuípe(5 airports)
Casca(6 airports)
Entre Ijuís(6 airports)
General Câmara(6 airports)
Jóia(5 airports)
Paverama(6 airports)
Alpestre(5 airports)
Tuparendi(6 airports)
Leão(7 airports)
Lavras do Sul(9 airports)
Paraíso do Sul(6 airports)
Caraá(6 airports)
Coronel Bicaco(5 airports)
Ibiraiaras(6 airports)
Iraí(6 airports)
Manuel Viana(8 airports)
Alecrim(6 airports)
Barão do Triunfo(7 airports)
Ajuricaba(5 airports)
Palmitinho(5 airports)
São José do Ouro(5 airports)
Maquiné(6 airports)
Glorinha(7 airports)
Paraí(6 airports)
Erval Sêco(5 airports)
Herval(8 airports)
Faxinal do Soturno(5 airports)
Formigueiro(6 airports)
Condor(5 airports)
Cândido Godói(6 airports)
Barão de Cotegipe(5 airports)
Amaral Ferrador(8 airports)
Nova Palma(5 airports)
Sertão(5 airports)
Bossoroca(6 airports)
Aratiba(5 airports)
Lagoão(6 airports)
Progresso(6 airports)
Hulha Negra(9 airports)
Passo do Sobrado(6 airports)
Anta Gorda(6 airports)
Chuí(4 airports)
Sertão de Santana(7 airports)
Rodeio Bonito(5 airports)
Santa Clara do Sul(6 airports)
Barão(6 airports)
Morro Reuter(6 airports)
Tucunduva(6 airports)
Rondinha(5 airports)
Campinas do Sul(6 airports)
Gaurama(5 airports)
Machadinho(5 airports)
São Martinho(5 airports)
São Nicolau(6 airports)
Liberato Salzano(5 airports)
Itaara(5 airports)