Airports in and near Pernambuco, Brazil

Explore all airports in and around Pernambuco. Discover what is the closest airport to Pernambuco, if you plan a trip in the region. From airports with millions of passengers a year to small aerodromes, we have listed all of the on the map and on a list, in this guide.

In and near Pernambuco, there are 5 international airports, 5 domestic airports, and 11 small airports of local interest.

Map Of Airports In And Around Pernambuco, Brazil

List of Airports in Pernambuco

Airports near Pernambuco - (200 km / 124 miles radius)

182km from Caicó

Aeroporto de Caicó is an exciting gateway to the northeast of Brazil. Located in the city of Caicó, the airport...

Brazil - Caicó
151km from Rio Largo

The Aeroporto Internacional de Maceió - Zumbi dos Palmares in Brazil is a wonderfully modern and efficient airport. With its...

Brazil - Rio Largo
167km from João Pessoa

Aeroporto Internacional de João Pessoa - Presidente Castro Pinto is a bustling international airport located in Brazil. It is the...

Brazil - João Pessoa
244km from Parnamirim

Welcome to Aeroporto Internacional Augusto Severo, the best airport in the region! Located on the outskirts of the city, the...

Brazil - Parnamirim
233km from Paulo Afonso

Aeroporto de Paulo Afonso, located in the Brazilian state of Bahia, is a bustling international hub, making it easier than...

Brazil - Paulo Afonso
93km from Campina Grande

Aeroporto de Campina Grande - Presidente João Suassuna is a small airport located in Brazil, operated by Infraero.

Brazil - Campina Grande
299km from Aracaju

Welcome to Aeroporto de Aracaju, located in the bustling capital of Brazil's Sergipe state. This airport is a major hub...

Brazil - Aracaju

FAQ about Airports in Pernambuco

How many international airports are in Pernambuco?

There are no international airports located in Pernambuco, but on a 200 km / 124 miles radius, there are 4 international airports in the proximity.

What is the closest airport to Pernambuco?

The closest airport to Pernambuco is Caicó Airport.

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Explore Airports in Pernambuco

Recife(4 airports)
Jaboatão(4 airports)
Olinda(4 airports)
Caruaru(5 airports)
Petrolina(1 airports)
Paulista(3 airports)
Camarajibe(4 airports)
Santo Agostinho(4 airports)
Garanhuns(4 airports)
Igarassu(4 airports)
Serra Talhada(2 airports)
Ipojuca(4 airports)
Araripina(1 airports)
Gravatá(4 airports)
Goiana(4 airports)
Carpina(4 airports)
Belo Jardim(4 airports)
Arcoverde(3 airports)
Ouricuri(2 airports)
Escada(4 airports)
Pesqueira(3 airports)
Palmares(4 airports)
Bezerros(4 airports)
Surubim(4 airports)
Moreno(4 airports)
Salgueiro(2 airports)
Limoeiro(4 airports)
São Bento do Una(3 airports)
Buíque(2 airports)
Pau d’Alho(4 airports)
Timbaúba(5 airports)
Bom Conselho(2 airports)
Ribeirão(4 airports)
Barreiros(4 airports)
Sirinhaém(4 airports)
Águas Belas(2 airports)
Catende(4 airports)
Bom Jardim(4 airports)
Bonito(4 airports)
Aliança(4 airports)
Lajedo(3 airports)
Toritama(4 airports)
També(5 airports)
Bodocó(1 airports)
Custódia(2 airports)
Sertânia(3 airports)
Água Preta(4 airports)
Nazaré da Mata(3 airports)
João Alfredo(4 airports)
Cabrobó(2 airports)
Vicência(4 airports)
Floresta(1 airports)
Glória do Goitá(4 airports)
Passira(4 airports)
Ipubi(1 airports)
Gameleira(4 airports)
Ibimirim(2 airports)
Caetés(3 airports)
Tabira(2 airports)
Itaíba(2 airports)
Panelas(3 airports)
Sanharó(3 airports)
Canhotinho(3 airports)
Condado(4 airports)
Tupanatinga(2 airports)
Quipapá(3 airports)
Pombos(4 airports)
Itapissuma(3 airports)
Macaparana(5 airports)
Cupira(4 airports)
Orobó(4 airports)
Agrestina(4 airports)
Lagoa Grande(1 airports)
Rio Formoso(4 airports)
Itamaracá(3 airports)
Flores(2 airports)
Tacaratu(1 airports)
Amaraji(4 airports)
São João(3 airports)
Pedra(3 airports)
Tamandaré(4 airports)
Lagoa do Itaenga(4 airports)
Chã Grande(4 airports)
Capoeiras(4 airports)
Riacho das Almas(4 airports)
Inajá(1 airports)
Carnaíba(2 airports)
Iati(2 airports)
Araçoiaba(3 airports)
Serrita(1 airports)
Vertentes(4 airports)
Manari(1 airports)
Afrânio(1 airports)
Dormentes(1 airports)
Lagoa do Carro(4 airports)
Venturosa(3 airports)
Joaquim Nabuco(4 airports)
Itaquitinga(4 airports)
Jataúba(5 airports)
Lagoa dos Gatos(4 airports)
Saloá(2 airports)
Triunfo(2 airports)
Jurema(3 airports)
Mirandiba(1 airports)
Frei Miguelinho(4 airports)
Xexéu(4 airports)
Iraci(3 airports)
Petrolândia(1 airports)
Casinhas(4 airports)
Machados(4 airports)
Jupi(3 airports)
Itapetim(2 airports)
Santa Filomena(1 airports)
Orocó(2 airports)
Tracunhaém(4 airports)
Tacaimbó(4 airports)
Buenos Aires(3 airports)
Cortês(4 airports)
Chã da Alegria(4 airports)
Lagoa do Ouro(2 airports)
Betânia(1 airports)
Iguaraci(3 airports)
Jaqueira(4 airports)
Ferreiros(5 airports)
Belém de Maria(4 airports)
Poção(4 airports)
Maraial(3 airports)
Calçado(3 airports)
Paranatama(2 airports)
Jucati(3 airports)
Angelim(3 airports)
Cumaru(4 airports)
Sairé(4 airports)
Terra Nova(2 airports)
Verdejante(1 airports)
Brejão(2 airports)
Camutanga(5 airports)
Tuparetama(2 airports)
Palmeirina(3 airports)
Ibirajuba(3 airports)
Terezinha(2 airports)
Quixaba(2 airports)
Solidão(2 airports)
Calumbi(1 airports)