Airports in and near Bahia, Brazil

Explore all airports in and around Bahia. Discover what is the closest airport to Bahia, if you plan a trip in the region. From airports with millions of passengers a year to small aerodromes, we have listed all of the on the map and on a list, in this guide.

In and near Bahia, there are 2 international airports, 9 domestic airports, and 50 small airports of local interest.

Map Of Airports In And Around Bahia, Brazil

List of Airports in Bahia

Airports near Bahia - (200 km / 124 miles radius)

162km from Bahia

Aeroporto Internacional Deputado Luiz Eduardo Magalhães is one of the busiest airports in Brazil. Located in the city of Salvador,...

Brazil - Bahia
62km from Ilhéus

Aeroporto de Ilhéus - Jorge Amado is the largest airport in the Brazilian state of Bahia. Located in the beautiful...

Brazil - Ilhéus
221km from Pôrto Seguro

Aeroporto de Porto Seguro is the gateway to one of Brazil's most beautiful destinations. Located in the eastern part of...

Brazil - Pôrto Seguro
505km from Petrolina

Aeroporto de Petrolina - Senador Nilo Coelho is a small airport located in Brazil, operated by Ccr Aeroportos.

Brazil - Petrolina
342km from Caravelas

Aeroporto de Caravelas is one of Brazil's busiest airports, servicing thousands of travelers each day. Located in the region of...

Brazil - Caravelas

FAQ about Airports in Bahia

How many international airports are in Bahia?

There are no international airports located in Bahia, but on a 200 km / 124 miles radius, there are 1 international airports in the proximity.

What is the closest airport to Bahia?

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Espírito Santo(15 airports)
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Explore Airports in Bahia

Salvador(1 airports)
Feira de Santana(2 airports)
Camaçari(1 airports)
Juazeiro(1 airports)
Itabuna(3 airports)
Ilhéus(2 airports)
Jequié(2 airports)
Alagoinhas(3 airports)
Barreiras(2 airports)
Pôrto Seguro(3 airports)
Paulo Afonso(1 airports)
Euriápolis(3 airports)
Campo Formoso(1 airports)
Euclides da Cunha(1 airports)
Riacho de Santana(1 airports)
Itambé(1 airports)
Candeias(1 airports)
Guanambi(2 airports)
Jacobina(1 airports)
Serrinha(1 airports)
Senhor do Bonfim(1 airports)
Dias d’Ávila(1 airports)
Itapetinga(2 airports)
Casa Nova(1 airports)
Bom Jesus da Lapa(1 airports)
Itamaraju(2 airports)
Itaberaba(1 airports)
Cruz das Almas(1 airports)
Ipirá(1 airports)
Santo Amaro(1 airports)
Araci(1 airports)
Catu(1 airports)
Tucano(2 airports)
Jaguaquara(2 airports)
Monte Santo(2 airports)
Barra(1 airports)
Santo Estêvão(1 airports)
Caetité(1 airports)
Ribeira do Pombal(2 airports)
Macaúbas(1 airports)
Poções(1 airports)
Xique-Xique(1 airports)
Ipiaú(1 airports)
Maragogipe(1 airports)
Mata de São João(1 airports)
Nova Viçosa(3 airports)
Entre Rios(2 airports)
Vera Cruz(1 airports)
Remanso(1 airports)
Jeremoabo(2 airports)
Mucuri(3 airports)
Inhambupe(2 airports)
Rio Real(2 airports)
Itiúba(1 airports)
Amargosa(1 airports)
Pojuca(2 airports)
Esplanada(2 airports)
Camamu(2 airports)
Itapicuru(2 airports)
Cansanção(2 airports)
Curaçá(2 airports)
Barra do Choça(1 airports)
Cachoeira(1 airports)
Cícero Dantas(2 airports)
Canavieiras(2 airports)
Camacan(2 airports)
Jaguarari(1 airports)
Correntina(2 airports)
Gandu(2 airports)
Paratinga(1 airports)
São Desidério(1 airports)
Ruy Barbosa(1 airports)
Itabela(2 airports)
Muritiba(1 airports)
Irará(1 airports)
Carinhanha(1 airports)
Paripiranga(2 airports)
Nazaré(2 airports)
Prado(2 airports)
Ituberá(2 airports)
Quijingue(1 airports)
Valente(1 airports)
Iguaí(1 airports)
Ibotirama(1 airports)
Itacaré(2 airports)
Castro Alves(1 airports)
Ubatã(2 airports)
Olindina(2 airports)
Planalto(1 airports)
Conde(2 airports)
Nova Soure(2 airports)
Uauá(3 airports)
Ibirapitanga(2 airports)
Ibicaraí(2 airports)
Laje(2 airports)
Belmonte(2 airports)
Maracás(1 airports)
Sobradinho(2 airports)
Caculé(1 airports)
Medeiros Neto(2 airports)
Alcobaça(2 airports)
Coração de Maria(1 airports)
Mutuípe(2 airports)
Itaparica(1 airports)
Caravelas(2 airports)
Boquira(2 airports)
Guaratinga(2 airports)
Una(2 airports)
Paramirim(2 airports)
Uruçuca(1 airports)
Itajuípe(2 airports)
São Felipe(1 airports)
Crisópolis(2 airports)
Itororó(2 airports)
Maraú(2 airports)
Pindobaçu(1 airports)
Madre de Deus(1 airports)
Ubaitaba(2 airports)
Pacatu(1 airports)
Ubaíra(2 airports)
Itanhém(2 airports)
Sátiro Dias(2 airports)
Itarantim(2 airports)
Coaraci(1 airports)
Abaré(2 airports)
Ituaçu(1 airports)
Cocos(1 airports)
Buerarema(2 airports)
Antas(2 airports)
Aporá(2 airports)
Umburanas(1 airports)
Jaguaripe(2 airports)
Fátima(2 airports)
Piatã(1 airports)
Serra Dourada(1 airports)
Mirangaba(1 airports)
Ibirataia(2 airports)
Sapeaçu(1 airports)
Cairu(2 airports)
Cipó(3 airports)
Tanque Novo(2 airports)
Filadélfia(1 airports)
Malhada(1 airports)
Urandi(1 airports)
Canudos(2 airports)
Adustina(2 airports)
Nova Canaã(1 airports)
Água Fria(1 airports)
Pindaí(1 airports)
Ibicuí(1 airports)
Ibitiara(1 airports)
Igaporã(1 airports)
Ponto Novo(1 airports)
Glória(1 airports)
Barrocas(1 airports)
Biritinga(1 airports)
Lagoa Real(1 airports)
Itajibá(1 airports)
Acajutiba(2 airports)
Rio do Antônio(1 airports)
Ipecaetá(1 airports)
Serra Preta(1 airports)
Ibipitanga(1 airports)
Ribeiro do Amparo(2 airports)
Brejões(1 airports)
São Félix(1 airports)
Teolândia(2 airports)
Santa Brígida(2 airports)
Jiquiriçá(2 airports)
Coribe(1 airports)
Mascote(2 airports)
Andorinha(1 airports)
Angical(1 airports)
Candiba(1 airports)
Boninal(1 airports)
Boa Nova(1 airports)
Pé de Serra(1 airports)
Manoel Vitorino(1 airports)
Igrapiúna(2 airports)
Cotegipe(1 airports)
Cristópolis(1 airports)
Nilo Peçanha(2 airports)
Baianópolis(1 airports)
Heliópolis(2 airports)
Caldeirão Grande(1 airports)
Rio de Contas(1 airports)
Terra Boa(1 airports)
Itagi(1 airports)
Itiruçu(1 airports)
Jitaúna(1 airports)
Sítio do Mato(1 airports)
Retirolândia(1 airports)
Wanderley(1 airports)
Saúde(1 airports)
Dom Basílio(1 airports)
Araçás(2 airports)
Matina(1 airports)
Antônio Cardoso(1 airports)
Saubara(1 airports)
Rio do Pires(1 airports)
Dário Meira(1 airports)
Sítio do Quinto(2 airports)
Arataca(2 airports)
Chorrochó(2 airports)
Anguera(1 airports)
Aramari(2 airports)
Floresta Azul(2 airports)
Iuiú(1 airports)
Jandaíra(2 airports)
Botuporã(1 airports)
Pau Brasil(2 airports)
Itapebi(3 airports)
Itapitanga(1 airports)
Brejolândia(1 airports)
Santa Teresinha(1 airports)
Bom Jesus da Serra(1 airports)
Ibiassucê(1 airports)
Piraí do Norte(2 airports)
Itapé(2 airports)
Mucugê(1 airports)
Caatiba(1 airports)
Caém(1 airports)
Jucuruçu(2 airports)
Ipupiara(1 airports)
Maiquinique(2 airports)
Mirante(1 airports)
Caturama(1 airports)
Cardeal da Silva(2 airports)
Lamarão(1 airports)
Santanópolis(1 airports)
Varzedo(1 airports)
Abaíra(1 airports)
Aratuípe(2 airports)
Candeal(1 airports)
Potiraguá(2 airports)
Morpará(1 airports)
Ouriçangas(1 airports)
Rodelas(1 airports)
Lajedo do Tabocal(1 airports)
Ibirapuã(2 airports)
Tanquinho(1 airports)
Itamari(2 airports)
Itaquara(2 airports)
Elísio Medrado(1 airports)
Macururé(2 airports)
Nova Itarana(1 airports)
Ribeirão do Largo(1 airports)
Gongogi(2 airports)
Itanagra(2 airports)
Muniz Ferreira(1 airports)
Apuarema(2 airports)
Pedrão(1 airports)
Irajuba(1 airports)
Itagimirim(3 airports)
Itaju do Colônia(2 airports)
Jussiape(1 airports)
Nova Ibiá(2 airports)
Barra do Rocha(2 airports)
Jussari(2 airports)
Ichu(1 airports)
Almadina(1 airports)
Firmino Alves(2 airports)
Cravolândia(2 airports)